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PGNZ Posse Points

Earning Posse Points


Join the PGNZ Posse 250 Posse Points
When You Shop 1 Posse Point for every $1 spent
Tell Us About You 100 Posse Points
It's Your Birthday 200 Posse Points
Share Us on Facebook 100 Posse Points
Like Us on Facebook 100 Posse Points
Follow Us on Instagram 100 Posse Points
Tell A Friend About Us 300 Posse Points
Review One of Our Products 20 Posse Points (Max of 4 reviews per week)


With all these ways to earn PGNZ Posse Points and get your closer to your first reward, we like to keep you updated on the points you earn.  Clearly, on your first visit you will probably join the PGNZ Posse, tell us about yourself (including your birthday), like our FB and Insta pages (if you haven’t already) and maybe tell a friend about us.  Now that will generate some emails, but don’t worry this won’t happen every time you shop.  So just go with the flow, keep the ones you want, delete the others and have fun earning all your points!



FREE Domestic Shipping
(Excluding Poles and Crash Mats)

300 Posse Points
$10 PGNZ Voucher 500 Posse Points
$15 PGNZ Voucher 1000 Posse Points
$25 PGNZ Voucher 2000 Posse Points


Do you visit PGNZ often?  Are you ready to join the ranks of the PGNZ Posse?

This is the place where we like to reward what we like to call our ‘Repeat Offenders’! Spend more, earn points faster!


When you earn 500 points in the past year

2 Posse Points for every $1 spent


When you earn 1000 points in the past year

3 Posse Points for every $1 spent


When you earn 2000 points in the past year

4 Posse Points for every $1 spent


When you earn 3000 points in the past year

5 Posse Points for every $1 spent

Start Earning PGNZ Loyalty Points Today!