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Pleaser Heels Info

It's My First Pair, Which Height Should I Start With?

The most popular heights for pole dancing heels are 6", 7" or 8".  Pleasers are are a lot more stable than you think so don't let the height scare you.  If you are not used to walking in heels at all, we recommend starting with 6".  However, be warned you won't stay there for long and will be back for a pair of 7" in no time.  If you are used to heels or are happy to take things a bit slower then start with a pair of 7".  We have many customers who start and stay in 7".  They are a good all round height.  Once you have mastered your 7", feel free to hunt the glory of the 8" heel, truely giving you legs for days!

How Do I Pick the Correct Size?

Pleaser are in US sizing.  General rule of thumb is to go up one size for heels and sometimes 2 sizes for boots, particularly if you are in between sizes.  So, for example if you are a 7 to 7.5 in NZ/AU sizing then you will be looking for a size 8 in Pleaser heels and possibly a size 9 in boots.  The reason why you may want to consider going up 2 sizes for boots, is that they are closed toe and you will want to wear socks with them so may need the extra room!  If you are a standard size 7 you may find going up 1 size for both heels and boots is enough.
Either way, if you order a size that doesn't fit just send them back as per our Returns and Exchanges and we can order you a different pair.

What Heels are Better Suited for Wider Feet?

If you feet are wider, you may be better with heels that have the patent foot cover such as the Adore 709.  The foot strap starts lower down the heel and enables the wider part of your foot to settle into the heel more comfortably.  For those with wider feet the clear plastic foot straps start to high up the heel making it uncomfortable to slide you foot in.

Will My Heels Stretch?

Yes!  The straps do stretch.  A tight heel is better than a loose heel!  You will want to be able to squeeze your foot in, and if they sit tight but comfortably with sufficient room at the end for your foot to slide forward as they stretch then they are a good size.  You can speed up the stretching process by wearing them around the house in socks and if you in a hurry get the plastic covers bit of heat with w hair dryer to allow them to mould to the shape of your foot.

I'm Pre -Ordering, How Long Will My Heels Take to Arrive?

We order from Pleaser every Wednesday, and with no shipping or customs delays they arrive the following Wednesday.  They are then shipped to you within 24/48 hours.  If Pleaser do not have the item you have ordered in stock we will be in touch see if you are happy to wait for the restock or if you would like to pick a different pair.