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Brand Ambassadors & Rockstars

Our Brand Ambassadors

What makes you a PGNZ Brand Ambassador!  Being PGNZ obsessed! Not just with our delicious products, but with our brand, our values and a commitment to be wanting to be part of the PGNZ Family.  Supporting us through Social Media, being your one stop shop for your pole wear, helping out events and just being proud to be part of PGNZ.


Katie Senior

I have been pole dancing for 5 years, I didn't start until after 30 and I am now OBSESSED with all things pole! I especially love the clothing, anything sparkly or shiny catches my eye. My favourite pole style is  "aussie showgirl" which might already give away that I am a big fan of cleo the hurricane. I have a dedicated space in my wardrobe for all their sexy outfits I purchase through Pole Gear NZ. 
I'm all about dance, fitness, fun, flexibility and Fashion  🤩🤩


Our Rockstars

PGNZ Rockstar’s are our amazing PGNZ Junkies that give us AMAZING support. Our Rockstar’s are of course regular shoppers with us, but it goes beyond this. They show awesome Social Media support, thinking of us first when they need some new pole goodies and being PGNZ cheerleaders. We are so proud to have you representing PGNZ.


Brittney has been pole dancing for over 5 years. Starting in Dunedin at V.A.D then moving to Christchurch a little over 2 years ago where she is now an instructor and student at Altitude Pole Central and Wigram. Brittney loves the creativity aspect of pole as well as the inclusive and supportive community. She is known for her sassy performances but does not shy away from contemporary, lyrical and exotic.
She was very inflexible and lacked co-ordination starting out at pole but have since had the confidence to start ballet, jazz, commercial dance, handstands and now she now even teaches stretch. These things have become separate passions that all influence her poling.  My accolades include:
  • Pole Stars 2016 runner up Artistry,
  • Pole Stars 2019 overall winner and Miss Showgirl
  • NZAPP intermediate finalist in 2016
  • Open finalist in 2019
  • Bronze medal at PCS Australia 2019 in Amateur
  • Pole Legends 2016 doubles finalist
  • Pole Legends 2020 finalist

We have watched Brittney grow throughout her pole journey.  She is an amazing supporter of PGNZ always turning to us first for special orders, tagging us through social media and being an amazing part of of our 2019 PGNZ Pole Legends Fashion Show Team.  We are so proud to have her as part of our PGNZ Rockstars Team!

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A veteran pole dancer of 14 years, Trillian is arguably NZ's most notorious showgirl. 

She's best known for her love of Aussie Showgirl style with ferocious hair whips and heel clacks. As an instructor, Trillian takes pride in honing the basics and making pole dance accessible to as many people as possible. Trillian is a certified Xpert Pole Fitness instructor, certified Personal Trainer & Performance Enhancement Specialist. It's a privilege to be able to facilitate the joy of dance and sensual movement via performing and teaching.

  • Co-owner of Corps de Burlesque ~ School of Seduction
  • Co-creator of Corps de Burlesque Syllabus
  • Winner of Pole Art at Pole Theatre Sydney 2013
  • Miss Pole Dance New Zealand semi pro 2013
  • 2nd Place Professional Division at Dance Filthy, Sydney 2014
  • Queen of New Zealand Burlesque Festival 2014
  • 3rd place Miss Pole Dance New Zealand 2018
  • 3rd place Dark category Pole Inferno 2019
  • Finalist in Pole Legends 2015, 2017, 2019, 2020 & 2021