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5 Benefits of Pole Dancing

5 Benefits of Pole Dancing

When people ask my why I love pole dancing, the answer is easy!  I have never found a form of fitness makes me strong whilst having so much fun!  Whilst I could list 50 benefits of pole dancing here are the top 5:

Improved fitness: Pole dancing is a great form of exercise that can help improve your overall fitness. It can help you build strength, flexibility, and endurance, while also toning your muscles and burning calories.

Boosted self-confidence: Pole dancing requires a lot of courage and vulnerability, as you may need to show some skin and perform in front of others. However, as you learn new skills and become more comfortable with your body, you may find that your self-confidence grows as well.

Enhanced creativity: Pole dancing is an art form that allows for creativity and self-expression. As you learn new moves and develop your own style, you may find that your creativity is enhanced and that you're able to express yourself in new and exciting ways.  There is nothing more freeing than putting on some music and just letting yourself flow with the music

Stress relief: Pole dancing can be a great way to relieve stress and tension. The physical activity can help release endorphins, which are feel-good hormones that can help reduce anxiety and improve your mood.

Community support: Many pole dancing studios offer a supportive community of individuals who are all working towards similar goals. This can be a great way to meet new people, build friendships, and feel supported and encouraged along your pole dancing journey.  Then let's not forget our Pole is like no other, it is whole new world you didn't know existed!

If that's not enough, then there is the amazing clothing and heels!  That is where we Pole Gear NZ comes in making sure you are kitted out in all the goodies to help you feel f**king fabulous!

Once you enter the world of pole dancing you will never look back and question why you didn't find it sooner!  

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All Your Pleaser Heel Questions Answered!

All Your Pleaser Heel Questions Answered!

There are hundreds of things that make Pole Dance awesome: the gains in physical and inner strength, finding yourself an amazingly supportive community, learning how to embrace the sex bomb that you are. But, far and away, one of the best things about Pole Dance is THE HEELS!! Heels that make you tower over muggles everywhere. Heels that glow, shine, sparkle and turn you into the fiercest version of yourself.

I remember buying my first pair of Pole Dance Heels

It took buying PGNZ and being constantly surrounded by beautiful heels and sparkly goodness before I finally bought a pair of heels. I had always freaked out about falling over and looking super awkward (I’m clumsy enough in bare feet and flow definitely doesn't come naturally lol!)  But the amazing Pole Dance Unicorns around me kept telling me to go for it. I could always start off with an entry-level pair of 6” heels and move up from there – and that’s just what I did! My first pair of heels were the 6" Pleaser Aspire 608UV in Pink and I fell in love! The extra 6" of height on my little 5ft 3" body, the way made my legs and booty look, and they were surprisingly stable and super comfy! If that wasn't enough, I felt AMAZING in them! Sexy and confident.  It was like my inner fierceness had been awoken! 

However, word of warning.....without a word of a lie, it is guaranteed once you start with your first pair of Pleasers, you won't be able to stop!!

Here are some things to think about when buying your first (or next) pair of heels:

  • Check the stiletto – Some styles have a slightly chunkier stiletto heel, which can be a great place to start if you’re not sure about tottering around on a pin head. Have a look at the Pleaser Kiss 209MG to begin.
  • Straps can make all the difference – Straps come in different finishes: clear, patent, matte, and embellished. Clear straps sit higher on the foot and can be narrow; patent straps are good for those with wider feet. Boots give great ankle support and a patent finish is also stickier on the pole, which is something to consider when buying boots like the Pleaser Adore 1020 which is available in patent or matte.
  • Heel clacks! – We love a good heel clack but some heels clack better than others. Clacking in embellished heels will only result in diamantes flying around the studio, which is heart-breaking. If you’re looking for a good, clean sound, try a clear heel. The Pleaser Adore 708G will clack like a dream and still let you sparkle and shine. Similarly, the Flamingo 808 will do the trick but is classic with its clear platform.
  • Ankle straps are a must – Some styles, especially the body-building heels, do not have an ankle strap. If you’re swinging around a pole you don’t want to run the risk of a rogue heel flying off your foot. If you buy a pair without ankle straps, you can always add detachable ankle straps.
  • Sizing is on the US scale, so many people tend to go up a size when buying and sometimes 2 with boots. Each size will gain you about 1/2 an inch in length.  You don't want them too long, but you also don't want them too short.  Having your toes hang over the end will only result in banged toes as you hit the ground, any dancer will tell you, you want to avoid this!!!  If you know your UK or EU size, great let us know as Pleaser kindly prints this on the box!  If you’re not sure on your size, drop us a message and we can help 😊

Heels maintenance

As you use your heels, like anything, they will wear out. This, of course, can be seen as an opportunity to buy new heels (yay!!) but there are some things that you can fix or work around. We’ve included some tips below:

·      Peeling soles – Floorwork will often result in the soles of your heels peeling away. A good superglue can remedy the situation but prevention is the key here. When you buy a new pair of heels, try shaving down the edge. Pleaser have recently redesigned the rubber sole on their shoes, so as older stocks phase out this won't be a common issue!

Here’s a video to show you how:

·      Tight straps – Your want your heels to fit tightly to give proper support but if they are a bit too snug, chuck on a pair of socks and wear them around the house for bit.  If they are still a bit sung, hit them with the hairdryer. This can help to soften and stretch the straps slightly, for a more comfortable fit.

·      Cracked or broken straps – If you snap your ankle straps, don’t fret! Cut the straps off and buy yourself a new pair of detachable straps or wear your newly strapless heels with legwarmers (just slip the heel through the heel hole).

·      Scuffing and fading finish – Sliding your heels along floor, you’ll find they scuff and the colour comes off. A quick fix is finding a matching Sharpie and colouring in the bits that have come off or slip cut-off stocks over the platform of your shoe.  If you want to avoid covering up their prettiness but also protect them Shine Platform Armour are your best bet!  Clear heel covers designed specifically for your hell type.  They will stop any damage whilst still being able to see all their glitter and sparkle!

Have we convinced you that it is time to take the plunge?

So, are you ready to pop you Pleaser cherry or add a new pair to your collection?  Jump onto the Pole Gear NZ website and get shopping.  And don't forget, if you have any questions just drop us a line through our Contact Us page on the website xxx

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Every Pole Dancers Must Have...But Where To Start?

Every Pole Dancers Must Have...But Where To Start?

Grip Aids, why do we need them and where do we start?

How many times do you get super pumped about Pole training, only to suffer an hour of nothing but slipping and sliding? We’ve all been there and know just how heart breaking it can be. But it doesn’t have to be! Knowing what causes the slide, which grip products can help, and which fix works best for you, can completely change the way you train.

Why is this even a problem?

So, what is it that makes us slide down those poles like butter on toast? Well, the answer can be quite complicated.

In the beginning when you first start your pole journey (and I am talking your first 6 months to even a year) The constant sliding down the pole is mainly due to the lack of strength in our hands and fingers as we are training our bodies to hold on for dear life to a 45mm piece of metal!  It doesn't matter how much grip aid you apply, if the strength isn't there you will slide down the pole.  You need to give your self patience and time to grow this strength, not only in your hands but in your core and upper body and view grip aid as a support and not the be all and end all to your grip issues.  The more you train and dance the stronger you will get.  Check out this great blog from Love Pole Kisses with more nuggets of info on grip strength and some safe grip strengthening exercises (as remember our hands are a muscle in the body as well so need to be warmed up and looked after!).

Once we have given our strength time grow, we may find that we just need a little help to help reduce the fear of death from falling off the pole or minimise the frustration that comes from extremely sweaty hands.  More often than not there are multiple factors that affect grip, including environment and the condition of your body.

Often, the biggest issue is climate. With the ever-popular chrome and stainless steel poles, for most of us a warm pole is a sticky pole. If your studio or training place is cold and dry, warming up the pole can be quite difficult, resulting in a frustrating training session. But we walk a fine line: a studio that is too hot or humid can result in excess sweat building up and creating a slick coating on the pole.  Climate can also mess with the natural grip from our skin, too much sweat, too dry, it can be lucky dip how your grip will be on any given day.  Hence the need to build that upper body strength to take the pressure off out hands!  I have extremely dry skin in both summer and winter, so a cold pole is the WORST thing in the world.  I make sure my skin is moisturised everyday with a pole friendly moisturiser.  For me Pole Physics is a gift from the Pole Gods to keep my aligator skin at bay!  I then make sure when I warm up and are training I am in constant contact with the pole, creating lots of friction and making it nice and warm and grippy!!

Sweat, of course, is a major problem for many of us. Excessive sweating, or even just a normal amount of sweat, can wreak havoc on a training session.  When we are a beginner or learning a new move or about to hit the stage, the body will naturally sweat more recking havoc with your grip!   Reach for a microfibre cloth and give your hands and pole a wipe.  Keep it clean with meths and if all else fails then maybe each for some grip aid.

Grip aids to the rescue

If you are new to the pole scene, the grip aid options can be overwhelming!  I am constantly getting asked "which one works the best".  Unfortunately, we all have different skin types and in some cases it is a case of trail and error.  Generally all grip aids work in different ways and no two are EXACTLY the same.  There are different types of grip products to tackle different issues, so the right grip aid for your pole bestie may do nothing for you.  

However, in saying that it doesn't mean we can't make a few pointers abour different grips out there.  The main issue that we all want tackled is excessive sweating.  If you need something to stop excessive sweating, try an anti-perspirant like Tite Grip I or Dry Hands (if you can get it!!).  Another option is our chalk based product, Petzl which will also tackle sweat on palms and other grip points and Tite Grip II for less excessive sweating. With Dry Hands being so scare, we have some new products on the market, Pole Grip and Enviro Grip.  The feedback on both these products has been great!  We are also trialling Better Grip, and we hope to have this hitting our website soon! For those Polers who have drier skin (like me), a layer of ‘tack’ can combat the slip n’ slide. Dew Point, Hydro Attack (which is all natural and vegan friendly) and iTac are all contact point body grips and perfect for this issue.  For your hands, Mighty Grip is a ground down resin in a powder form that is heat activated and perfect for your hands.  The on top of all of that, lets not forget the AMAZING Dancing Dust grip products that make you sparkle while you fly around the pole!  Check out our full Grip Range here!

My fav’s and a little trick of the trade

I have to stress, grip problems are very personal and the solutions work differently for everyone. You might have to try a few products before you find your favourite. You may also find what works in the summer is less effective in the colder months. Don’t give up, though, a little experimentation can lead you to the perfect solution. For me, I get a little sweaty on my hands in summer months, and I definately like poling in spring more than any other months as my skin and hands dry right out.  Dry Hands is my go to hand grip which I switch up with my Lupit Grip Pad (resin based ) and Enviro Grip, for my body, I am Hydro Attack fan along with Tite Grip II depending on the climate and how dry my skin is.  For my absolute worst case scenarios, I pull out the iTac (or pole glue ha ha ha).  For those of you are super sweaty on your hands, we have stumbled upon the combination of Tite Grip I and Dry Hands together, which from the feedback is an awesome combo.  The Tite Grip minimises the perspiration allowing the Dry Hands to stay on longer and provide the grip you need.  

Still not sure where to start?

As you can see, there are many of ways to fight the slippery slide but like most things when it comes to pole dancing there is no easy fix.  The first focus should be on strength building and from there see what support you need.  The bonus with pole grip aids is we have so many to choose from, you will eventually find what works for you.  We have posted a little table below, which summarises a few and there are lots of reviews out there, so if all else fails and you are still not sure where to start, hit Google then hit the PGNZ website to get what you need!!!

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Pole Wear, Pole Wear, Pole Wear, Undies....

Pole Wear, Pole Wear, Pole Wear, Undies....

So whats makes Pole and Aerial wear different?

Pole is incredibly empowering - it allows us to tap into an inner strength we might not have known before; it allows us to be graceful and alluring; it’s how we learn to fly.

Pole can have an embarrassing side, too. Cue the casual nip-slip or that uncomfortable waddle that eventuates from a mega-wedgie (cheers Titanic). When costumes malfunction or training gear isn't up to scratch, Pole can be another beast, entirely.

The importance of Pole Wear

This doesn't have to be the case. Wearing gear that has been specifically designed for Pole Dance can minimise embarrassing situations and make you confident in the body you own. We stretch, bend, twist, and spread our bodies around aerial equipment and across the floor and expect our active wear to move with us. We expect it to cover us in all the right places while we push our bodies to the limit. All this, whilst making us feel amazing and look like the babes we are. It’s no wonder aerialists require their own range of active wear.

It can take time to realise this! I remember putting on my first pair of Bad Kitty Competition Shorts. It was my first upgrade to ‘Pole Wear’ from my usual KMart gym shorts - they had served me well, but I was ready to take the next step. As I put them on, I was unsure about showing more of my body and, god forbid, my booty. What would happen when I was split stretching? How much would people be able to see? Oh the fear!

The wardrobe switch was life changing. The Bad Kitty fit molded to the shape of my body: no muffin top, no bulgy bits. I had a perfect fit and a hot booty (I’ll thank the Bad Kitty Scrunch Bum for that). I had an instant confidence boost, not only from how I looked but from knowing that I could trust these shorts. 

So, let’s take a look at a few of our favorite products.

Bad Kitty Brazils (and pretty much all their bottoms!)

If you haven't got your hands on a pair of Bad Kitty PoleFit bottoms, do it now! If there was ever a range of bottoms that was made with the Pole Dancer in mind, this is it.

Bad Kitty's bottoms cover everyone - from the modest to the “let it ALL hang out” dancer. Designed to move with your body, not against it, these bottoms will cover all the important bits. You can be as 'cheeky’ as you want to be, while making sure your vajayjay stays tucked away.

Bad Kitty’s seam placement and choice of fabric is no accident. Bottoms are made using as little elastic banding as possible, minimising the appearance of muffin-tops and 'sausage legs’. The fabric itself has a high level of stretch, which naturally bounces back, allowing it to fit the body comfortably.

Cleo the Hurricane tops and bottoms

Cleo the Hurricane - an absolute legend of the Pole Dance world - knows what is what when it comes to pole wear. Her instantly recognisable range of pole dance tops have the perfect level of high attitude sex appeal, while keeping ‘the girls’ secure.

The Heartbreaker range is “mega-supportive” with double-thickness lining and removable inserts to suit all. The mesh detailing on the slightly higher neckline is a great way to ensure there are no embarrassing slips while still showing a bit of peek-a-boo appeal.

Cleo’s range of bottoms cover every angle – literally! Her hot pants provide an extra bit of booty coverage until you’re ready to move up to her Skimpy and Sexy’s, Scanty Pants, and Skanky Pants (the names are pretty self-explanatory). Each line shows a bit more skin, but all have Cleo’s 7cm crotch cover, ensuring NOTHING falls out!

Dragonfly Brand

Brought to us from the stretch gods, Dragonfly uses a “quick-drying, four-way stretch, second skin” material that will have you binning your KMart leggings. These magical pants move with you, no matter which way you bend. The “peach fuzz” feel of the inner material makes their crop tops super comfortable to wear – you won’t want to take them off. Dragonfly’s back warmers keep your back muscles warm and your spine safe while you exercise, stretch, and cool down.

It's an investment!

If you feel guilty about going on a pole wear shopping spree, don't! Remember that these aren't just frivolous purchases. Buying gear that is made specifically for Pole and Aerial life is an investment in your journey, helping you train smarter, perform better, and look freaking awesome at the same time.  What more could you ask for? (Except, of course, for more pole gear!)

Photo Credit:  Note of Poetics Photography
Studio:  Limitless Studio, Auckland

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