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Pole Wear, Pole Wear, Pole Wear, Undies....

Pole Wear, Pole Wear, Pole Wear, Undies....

So whats makes Pole and Aerial wear different?

Pole is incredibly empowering - it allows us to tap into an inner strength we might not have known before; it allows us to be graceful and alluring; it’s how we learn to fly.

Pole can have an embarrassing side, too. Cue the casual nip-slip or that uncomfortable waddle that eventuates from a mega-wedgie (cheers Titanic). When costumes malfunction or training gear isn't up to scratch, Pole can be another beast, entirely.

The importance of Pole Wear

This doesn't have to be the case. Wearing gear that has been specifically designed for Pole Dance can minimise embarrassing situations and make you confident in the body you own. We stretch, bend, twist, and spread our bodies around aerial equipment and across the floor and expect our active wear to move with us. We expect it to cover us in all the right places while we push our bodies to the limit. All this, whilst making us feel amazing and look like the babes we are. It’s no wonder aerialists require their own range of active wear.

It can take time to realise this! I remember putting on my first pair of Bad Kitty Competition Shorts. It was my first upgrade to ‘Pole Wear’ from my usual KMart gym shorts - they had served me well, but I was ready to take the next step. As I put them on, I was unsure about showing more of my body and, god forbid, my booty. What would happen when I was split stretching? How much would people be able to see? Oh the fear!

The wardrobe switch was life changing. The Bad Kitty fit molded to the shape of my body: no muffin top, no bulgy bits. I had a perfect fit and a hot booty (I’ll thank the Bad Kitty Scrunch Bum for that). I had an instant confidence boost, not only from how I looked but from knowing that I could trust these shorts. 

So, let’s take a look at a few of our favorite products.

Bad Kitty Brazils (and pretty much all their bottoms!)

If you haven't got your hands on a pair of Bad Kitty PoleFit bottoms, do it now! If there was ever a range of bottoms that was made with the Pole Dancer in mind, this is it.

Bad Kitty's bottoms cover everyone - from the modest to the “let it ALL hang out” dancer. Designed to move with your body, not against it, these bottoms will cover all the important bits. You can be as 'cheeky’ as you want to be, while making sure your vajayjay stays tucked away.

Bad Kitty’s seam placement and choice of fabric is no accident. Bottoms are made using as little elastic banding as possible, minimising the appearance of muffin-tops and 'sausage legs’. The fabric itself has a high level of stretch, which naturally bounces back, allowing it to fit the body comfortably.

Cleo the Hurricane tops and bottoms

Cleo the Hurricane - an absolute legend of the Pole Dance world - knows what is what when it comes to pole wear. Her instantly recognisable range of pole dance tops have the perfect level of high attitude sex appeal, while keeping ‘the girls’ secure.

The Heartbreaker range is “mega-supportive” with double-thickness lining and removable inserts to suit all. The mesh detailing on the slightly higher neckline is a great way to ensure there are no embarrassing slips while still showing a bit of peek-a-boo appeal.

Cleo’s range of bottoms cover every angle – literally! Her hot pants provide an extra bit of booty coverage until you’re ready to move up to her Skimpy and Sexy’s, Scanty Pants, and Skanky Pants (the names are pretty self-explanatory). Each line shows a bit more skin, but all have Cleo’s 7cm crotch cover, ensuring NOTHING falls out!

Dragonfly Brand

Brought to us from the stretch gods, Dragonfly uses a “quick-drying, four-way stretch, second skin” material that will have you binning your KMart leggings. These magical pants move with you, no matter which way you bend. The “peach fuzz” feel of the inner material makes their crop tops super comfortable to wear – you won’t want to take them off. Dragonfly’s back warmers keep your back muscles warm and your spine safe while you exercise, stretch, and cool down.

It's an investment!

If you feel guilty about going on a pole wear shopping spree, don't! Remember that these aren't just frivolous purchases. Buying gear that is made specifically for Pole and Aerial life is an investment in your journey, helping you train smarter, perform better, and look freaking awesome at the same time.  What more could you ask for? (Except, of course, for more pole gear!)

Photo Credit:  Note of Poetics Photography
Studio:  Limitless Studio, Auckland

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