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Let's Talk About Grip!

Let's Talk About Grip!

Grip Aids, why do we need them and where do we start?

How many times do you get super pumped about Pole training, only to suffer an hour of nothing but slipping and sliding? We’ve all been there and know just how heart breaking it can be. But it doesn’t have to be! Knowing what causes the slide, which grip products can help, and which fix works best for you, can completely change the way you train.

Why is this even a problem?

So, what is it that makes us slide down those poles like butter on toast? Well, the answer can be quite complicated. Sometimes it is just our grip, the lack of strength in our hands and fingers as we are training our bodies to hold on for dear life to a 45mm piece of metal!  But other times, and more often than not there are multiple factors that affect grip, including environment and the condition of your body.

Often, the biggest issue is climate. With the ever-popular chrome and stainless steel poles, a warm pole is a sticky pole. If your studio or training place is cold and dry, warming up the pole can be quite difficult, resulting in a frustrating training session. But we walk a fine line: a studio that is too hot or humid can result in excess sweat building up and creating a slick coating on the pole.

Sweat, of course, is a major problem for many of us. Excessive sweating, or even just a normal amount of sweat, can wreak havoc on a training session. The other body grip factor to think about is how dry your skin may be. Soft, moist skin will stick nicely to a pole, but dry skin will have you spending more time on the floor than in the air.  This proves to be quite a problem when one of the number one rules for poling is ‘no moisturiser’.  However, fear not!  We have Pole Physics (a pole friendly moisturiser!) on the way so watch this space for its arrival! 

Grip aids to the rescue

You’re probably familiar with many of the grip aids on the pole scene. But did you know they all works in different ways? There are different types of grip products to tackle different issues, so the right grip aid for your pole bestie may do nothing for you.

If you need something to stop excessive sweating, try an anti-perspirant like Tite Grip or Dry Hands.  Another option is our chalk based product, Petzel which will also tackle sweat on palms and other grip points. For those Polers who have drier skin, a layer of ‘tack’ can combat the slip n’ slide. Dew Point, Hydro Attack (which is all natural and vegan friendly) and iTac are all contact point body grips and perfect for this issue.  For your hands, Mighty Grip is a ground down resin in a powder form that is heat activated and perfect for your hands.  To find out which grip is best for you, check out this grip aid review table by Aerial Amy.

My fav’s and a little trick of the trade

I have to stress, grip problems are very personal and the solutions work differently for everyone. You might have to try a few products before you find your favourite. You may also find what works in the summer is less effective in the colder months. Don’t give up, though, a little experimentation can lead you to the perfect solution. For me, Dry Hands is my go to hand grip which I switch up with my Lupit Grip Pad (available soon), for my body, I am an iTac and Hydro Attack fan depending on the climate and how dry my skin is.  For those of you are super sweaty, we have stumbled upon the combination of Tite Grip I and Dry Hands together, which from the feedback is an awesome combo.  The Tite Grip minimises the perspiration allowing the Dry Hands to stay on longer and provide the grip you need.  

What are your fave grip aids?

As you can see, there are many of ways to fight the slippery slide. Do you have a favourite grip aid that you’d like to see us stock in the future? Have you come up with a crazy concoction that helps you stick to the pole? Tell us about your sure-fire grip fixes in the comments below.

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  • Megan Harris